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Welcome Home

Razor Blades Landscaping LLC has a passion for creating beautiful landscapes. It's hard work but we pride ourselves on providing lawn care solutions so that your home or business can be a shining example to your neighbors.  

Razor Blades Landscaping LLC 

The Lawn Care Consultants

We have added value to the lives of people by alleviating the stresses of tiresome yard work so people can live their lives a little more stress free and have more time for the things they really enjoy.

The Professional Choice

Razor Blades Landscaping LLC

Razor Blades Landscaping is a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) certified by the City of Charlotte NC for lawn care.  We are a professionally insured lawn care service firm specializing in lawn care service and maintenance:  

  • Lawn Care Mowing Services
  • Lawn Care Grass Seeding
  • Lawn Care Lime / Fertilization
  • Lawn Care Leaf Removal
  • Lawn Care Spring / Fall Cleanup
  • Lawn Care Core Aeration 
  • Lawn Care Professional  Consultation
  • Bush / Hedge Trimming Services

The Trusted Choice 

Razor Blades Landscaping LLC

Do you want to spend your time on lawn care or sharing that precious time on family activities or enjoying leisure time? Razor Blades Landscaping LLC is your trusted partner for homeowner landscape solutions. 

The Smart Choice 

Razor Blades Landscaping LLC

A great landscape will be tailored to fit the needs and desires of our clients. We start with the questions? Who will be using the landscape the most?  Do you love to entertain or do you have children or pets?  We care enough to put your desires first and then we create a professionally manicured landscape especially for you and your family.  

The Reliable Choice 

Razor Blades Landscaping LLC

Decide how much time you really want to put towards maintaining your own lawn.  Our benefits:  We can save you time, money, and the anxiety of long hours in the hot sun:     

  • Toro Grandstand Commercial Professional Cut
  • Toro Commercial Zero Turn Mower Technology 
  • Commercial & Residential Blower Systems
  • Professional Residential Trimming and Hedging 
  • Professional Residential Core Aeration Services
  • Professional Residential Lawn Care Services
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